Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, Paris – Silver point/Pen in a Watercolour Moleskine
I’m still trying to get to grips with this type of drawing and suspect its my “Grounds/What surface I’m using” which might improve things. This is drawn on a grounding of very thin acrylic gesso but I feel another coat, or maybe more than two coats, might have helped. I was keen to exploit the subtle shading possible with drypoint but, when I scanned the first effort, the scanner; predictably, failed to separate the different blended shadows. I’ve “fooled” my scanner, therefore, by using dark ink for the heavy shadows and this seems to have been partially successful – only you folks can comment on that.

I choose this subject as I was reminded of Paris by “slevinart’s April 5th” post showing the Arc de Triomphe. This magnificent church is in the Montmartre district of the city and the steep climb up to this point is rewarded by incredible views of the city. Another bonus, for Moleskinners, is the artists’ area of Montmartre where you can view hundreds of artists painting furiously in the small square. They do not mind being observed as they hope to sell their paintings. I bought a small, inexpensive painting of Notre Dame Cathedral as a souvenir and the elderly lady artist wrapped it carefully, thanked me profusely then shook my hand, wishing me “Bon Voyage”. We had a “one sided” (for my use of the French language is appalling) conversation – one of my highlights of a visit to this beautiful city. Must go back soon.