Wish you were here – Ink/Inktense in a Watercolour Moleskine

After Apollo 8 Astronaut William Anders’, photograph “Earthrise”.

The postage stamp, on this “postcard” is copied from a series from the USA. I thought that “Dinosaurs” was quite apt. We don’t have such a set – our leaders haven’t got around to it yet.

As the UK Parliament is about to announce the date for the next General Election we all are bracing ourselves at the prospect of wall to wall news expounding on why we should vote for this or that party. As I get older, and probably more cynical, I can’t help wondering what those in government have been doing for the past few years. I get so tired of all of their promises leading towards a better future – I am banned from watching the television news as I tend to have a running commentary competing with the newscasters. This, therefore, is my twisted piece of advice to all who aspire to lead. Forget about weird policies. Get out into the real world and find out how the world goes around.