A friend – Silver wire on a Watercolour Moleskine page prepared with Acrylic Gesso

Another experiment instigated by John Stremikis – is there no end to this man’s inquisitiveness? I had to find out about this technique by doing some research:


then find a supplier of sterling silver wire. This post is sketched with a piece of 0.5mm diameter wire held in a mechanical pencil. The technique seems great for subtle shadows – I suspect portraits would benefit as my efforts, in the past, have always seemed too clumsy. If anyone wants more information about the stuff used I’ll supply photographs and how I found the experience.

Now, to the picture.

This robin lives in my garden. He is absolutely fearless and, during the recent cold weather, fed from my hand. This is copied from a photograph taken by Margaret. The robin always appears when I go outside and, believe it or not, was at an upstairs window one day, looking in as if to say, “Where is my food?” Its absolutely charming to have a wildlife friend like this. I call him Leo. When I was teaching, before retirement, I used to elicit sympathy from the kids by saying that I didn’t have any friends. I would then describe how how I had TWO imaginary friends when I was their age – and they played with each other.