Seafield Tower, an experiment in textures – Acrylic Medium(s), Eggshells and Watercolour

This is an experiment trying to create textured surfaces. The ruined tower and parts of the beach were covered with “Sand Texture Gel” then over painted. The immediate foreground rocks are a mixture of “Structure Gel” with crushed eggshells dropped into the wet surface. I’ve discovered, during this learning curve, that watercolour doesn’t stick to eggshells so this area had to be painted with acrylic. I’ve found this quite interesting and have solved the problem of getting texture on a smooth paper – I like smooth surfaces for skies. Only one problem! How do I close my Moleskine with this three-dimensional effort?

Seafield Tower is a ruined watchtower situated towards the west of Kirkcaldy. It was built of the local red sandstone which has crumbled since it was abandoned in the early 1700′s. I have fond memories of this place. I spent my 7th birthday here having a picnic with my family. I remember being presented with a box of chocolate “Maltesers” which might not sound much but this was in 1954 and sweets were still rationed after WW2. I also remember watching my dad swimming, powerfully, in the small bay and resolved to learn to swim myself – something I managed by the age of nine years. Happy days.