Ode, for Ziza, on flying in a helicopter in Tibet- Ink/Inktense in a small Watercolour Moleskine

(I was going to post this for Ziza BEFORE his trip to Kathmandu. I honestly thought his protestations, about his forthcoming flight, were just his way of making jokes. I discovered, just in time, that he was seriously worried about the prospect and posting this might have destroyed his will to live. Here it is, Ziza, now that you are safely back home. Congratulations on your achievement).


The chopper rose then turned around
It made an awful noise
It then rose higher from the ground
You couldn’t hear things for the sound
As Ziza’s heart began to pound
And he lost all his poise.

“Oh why! Oh why!”, our friend did cry
Did I agree this flight?”
There’s lots of better ways to fly
Into the clouds and patterned sky
Which skirt the mountains, there on high
A most impressive sight.

If I survive this journey, long
I promise to be good
I’ll even give up wine and song
And repent for things all long gone
To spend my days alone; withdrawn,
In prayer and solitude.

“Don’t worry, my friend”, Bob explained
Tibetan craft are strongly made
This picture’s of a model ‘plane
Meccano built, so I proclaim
That though it has a fragile frame
‘Twill turn its rotor blade

My picture shows what flight might be
I think it will excel
It has some similarities
Working in solidarity
To the machine which you’ll soon see
When you embark upon your spree
Of travelling o’er the distant sea
And board your helicopter free
Which looks the same as this banshee
Let’s hope it works as well!!!!