I draw on the train.
This morning, a man was watching me.
I continued to draw, not a little proud of overcoming my shyness.
When the voice announced the the next stoop, my observer get down before me.
I went down, then walking, I saw that the gentleman in question had get down too.
I recognized him, I am observant.
Then a voice spoke to me.
It was Mr Observer!
“Hello sir, I was on the train, I watched you draw. It serves something these cartoons? Because I have seen people like you who draw, why do you do that? Is it your job ?…”
Then I explained that I drew to pass the time, to train myself to draw faces and people because I was not very good at this, and especially because it makes memories.
I showed him other drawings in my notebook, travel, dreams …
“Yes and then it remains at least” …