Old Quarry Wall, EICA – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

The Edinburgh International climbing Arena (EICA) is built inside an old quarry which was mined for stone in years gone past. It lies about one mile to the west of Ratho and, apart from superb facilities for climbing also has, among other things, a great gym where your truly makes a spectacle of himself occasionally. This is the view as seen from the treadmill fitness machines. Part of the original quarry has been left in it “natural state” so that folks can climb outdoors. As I struggle to loose weight I can watch these people work their way upwards or just enjoy the view of the trees, left after the building work was completed. Years ago, when our boys were very young, and members of the local cub scouts, “sausage sizzles” were organised in this place. It must have been of some benefit as they are now competent cooks and, like their father, will never starve to death.

I’ve described EICA, on Skineart before, but thought you might like to see what it actually looks like. Someone has put a couple of videos on you tube and part 1 just about shows what I tried to paint here.

I did this painting after a couple of coincidences. John Stremikis and I were discussing how hard drawing stonework was. I offered to try to simplify the procedure by attempting something like this post. About the same time I was contacted, on flickr, by someone wanting to become one of my contacts. I am sure that


won’t mind me sharing his photo stream here. He has posted a few sketches/paintings not unlike this effort of mine. I have suggested he joins us on Skineart. I think his stuff is just great:

Nr. Hemmingway 909

Now all I need to do is find a decent way to draw small boulders and stones like those found on beaches.