Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

These beech trees were photographed during a walk round Corstorphine Hill last Friday. You can tell, I hope, from the shadows that it was a lovely sunny day. What you cannot tell is it was freezing with the temperature well below 0C.

Corstorphine Hill (166m) is one of the, so called, “Seven Hills” of Edinburgh. The others include Arthur’s Seat (251m ) , Castle Rock (108m) , Calton Hill (95m , Braid Hills (208m) , Blackford Hill (164m & Craiglockhart Hill (157m ). Corstorphine Hill lies to the north of the city and is a local nature reserve. It boasts some interesting wildlife – Edinburgh Zoo is situated on parts of it and parts of the new “open enclosures” allow some animals to wander within close range albeit behind two parallel security fences. It’s scary, walking here at night, when lions etc roar close by. This place was a favourite haunt for my parents who did their courting here, during WW2 when dad was on leave. It was his wish that his ashes be scattered here when he died and this happened in 1992. My visit here, last week, was the first time I have been back here since. Quite an emotional experience.

I took some photos of my visit and, if you are interested, these are collected in a flickr set at: