Wester Close, Newhaven – Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

An experiment using Indian ink to draw mainly shadows.

The City of Edinburgh encompasses many small villages. Newhaven is a fishing village between Leith and Granton, both Firth of Forth fishing ports in their own right. The population of Newhaven is around 5,000. Its harbour is used, these days, for mixture of fishing boats and private yachts.

We visited this area today as its possible to buy a huge variety of fresh fish, at reasonable prices, which we intended to freeze. Any friends, visiting Edinburgh, will hopefully enjoy fish as a trip to Newhaven’s Seafood Restaurant is always on our itinerary despite being around 15 miles from our house. During our visit, I took the opportunity to do a few sketches and take some photographs. This is one of the original streets which has been greatly modernised. A “close” is the local word for an enclosed street or a street which has adjacent buildings “close” by. This link shows the same place 130 years ago