Spring Promise – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

I found these wee spring plants bravely poking through a small pocket of the last of the snow. Its amazing how these delicate things have survived temperatures of -18C and drifts of up to 2 feet during the last couple of months. Lets hope that the next blizzard, forecast for the end of this coming week, doesn’t finish them off. Somehow I think they will survive. They deserve to do so.

Well I’ve made it. This is in the last page of an A4 Moleskine given as a Christmas present. I tried to paint one “Brrr” (cold and wintry) scene each day until the book was complete. As I’ve already pointed out, its been really hard work but I think I have learned something about perseverance. Now I shall get back to a more leisurely rate of sending in stuff.

I realised, a few days ago, that I would need to replace the book so looked for suppliers of the A4 size. I had previously paid around £16.00 for one – this included post and packaging. One supplier now offers this size at “The retail price of £19.95″. I did, much to my surprise, come across


This place will deliver free worldwide. I paid £19.06 for two of the things which is around half price. I’ve described this in the forum “Artmater”


in case anyone else is interested.