Reprieve – Acrylic with pen highlights in a Watercolour Moleskine

The main tree, in the centre, is all that remains of a old hawthorn hedge along the rear boundary of our garden. It’s actually been “bundle planted” – a few saplings planted together to become quickly established and the twisted trunks, at the base, bear testament to this. I believe the original hedge was planted around 100 years ago – well before our house was built. Its companions have long since gone and we have replaced them with a slow growing holly hedge to give us some privacy as well as to impale small boys who sneak in after our apples. The old trees, in the woods to our rear are infested with ivy and this finds its way into our garden and it was, when I was hacking some back the other day, that I noticed the old tree seemed to be dead. It has been sending up “suckers” from its base for some years now – a sure sign of the thing being stressed. Although I was sad to contemplate bringing it down, I felt that a dead tree might be dangerous. I was just reaching for the chainsaw, however, when I noticed some green buds high up in the top branches so it has been reprieved.