More Snow – Gouache in a Watercolour Moleskine

It snowed again yesterday (Tuesday) morning and it was very sudden and heavy for a short period. The effect was to cover everything very quickly and I hope this post gets the idea across. This is the view, northwards, from my from garden looking over the hedge. One of my neighbour’s apple trees is just on the other side and, believe it or not, still has some “well ripened” apples attached to the branches. The distant trees are on Platt Hill which is on the other side of the Union Canal. Beyond this hill, a few miles away, lies Edinburgh Airport. The only time we get any noise from it is on days like this as frantic snow clearing gets underway. By evening the snow had stopped and had begun to thaw but more fell on Wednesday night and the temperatures plummeted causing much ice on the roads

This is the first time I have used gouache and find it slightly different from acrylic – the main difference being it is not water resistant. It looks as if it can be made thinner and seems to cover large areas more uniformly. I might try combining this with other stuff in the future.