Edinburgh’s Golf Tavern – Acrylic and Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

My previous post, about Bruntsfield Links, hinted at this place. Here is a view from the same day when the sun cast really strong shadows from the trees in my picture, across the front of the building. Much can be written about this pub but this link, if you are interested, gives a short history.


My outstanding memory is being there, in the early 1970′s with Margaret, shortly after we became engaged. I returned from the bar with two pints of beer and put one on the table and, for some daft reason let go the second one well over the table’s edge. The glass fell straight down to the floor, hit the deck, the beer shot upwards then fell right back into the glass without spilling a drop. About 100 people fell silent then I was given a huge round of applause with many requests to repeat the feat. Needless to say, I have never been able to do so although this is not from lack of practise.

I hope the shadow effect, here, has not been overdone. It took some courage and trepidation to go over the painting with such bold tones. Its what Bob Ross, the late TV painter, used to call a “Bravery Test”. He would finish one of his forest/mountain scenes then slap a dark tree right over the whole thing.