The Vermilinguan Necessity #1.

Pen and ink in small Moleskine notebook (90 x 140mm).

This is a little story I began a while ago out of the blue. It was inspired by real events, in fact, when we found ourselves with a sudden invasion of ants a few years back. We have been living with them since. The younger sister is particularly like my own sister in character, I feel.

‘We have an inpestation!’ cried Kezia dramatically.
‘Infestation, you mean,’ said Flo. ‘Of what?’
‘Ants, of course!’ said Kezia.
‘You’re exaggerating again’

There had been only several to begin with. At least, several that were noticeable.

Kezia and mother had no hesitation in simply squashing them. Flo always looked away when they did.

The story continues, so perhaps you may like to check back from time to time, if you’re interested. :)