This is where it all started – Watercolour in a Watercolour Moleskine

My resolution was to try to fill a Moleskine with snow scenes, painting at least one a day. (23 this year so far). This might explain why most of my recent stuff is similar in style. I thought about this when we visited the west of the country last year. This scene shows Ben Arthur – The Cobbler which I photographed during the visit. I was presented with an A4 Moleskine at Christmas and have managed to fill half of it so far. Now with our snow gone I’m reduced to painting from photographs like this one so the pressure is off. I don’t know how some of you, who do this for a living or who have set goals of one a day, manage. At least I now have an excuse but – hey, more snow is forecast for the weekend. I might just be back on the treadmill again!