A work in progress. Here’s a technique I have enjoyed lately. It speeds up the process, helping me to keep up with the demands of moly_x.

1) I place a photo in Adobe Illustrator, and make it transparent, about 50%. Sometimes I cut images apart and change the layout in Photoshop.

2) I trace over it, still in Adobe Illustrator. I can make a quick template to match the size of the book, so I can put things where I want them. I try not to put important stuff on the fold.

3) The drawing and the photo are on different layers, so I can turn off the photo if I wish. Look at the other image with my wife and I. I left the photo show a bit. I also used sepia colored lines, because I’m going to use sepia ink.

4) I print the image on Moleskine Cahier paper using my inkjet. Here is where I wish that Moleskine offered Large format paper, even tabloid size. My printer can handle 13″x19″. I have to piece larger images together.

I have grown to like the collage look of this technique. I like the visual distraction/interest. The papers have a different texture, so the ink takes to them differently. I like this too.

I use Super 77 spray adhesive. It’s a little hard to work with, but it doesn’t budge once it’s down. You can see the seams very clearly in these images:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrtyhrrs/4196137419/in/ set-72157603…

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrtyhrrs/3532999471/siz es/o/in/set-…

http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrtyhrrs/4207299692/siz es/o/in/set-…