Bud Madder Genuine
3.234″ x 2.235″ Watercolor in my Moleskine sketchbook
By Kirby

Somethings jump out at you like my post yesterday lol. Others pop out at you like this rose bud. It was laying in a friends flower bed, broken off because of the freeze a while back. So here it is. I’m glad I took the time to sketch it.

You heard of the Rose Bowl right, College Football over here in the US. Well why not the Bud Bowl. Oh hold on, Bud Bowl is taking. Sorry Bud. How about Bud Dry Bowl. Hmmm not bad. Or the Bud Dead Bowl, The Dead Bud Bowl, Buddy Bowl, Rose Bud Bowl, Budrose Bowl. Ahhh Bud Madder Genuine Bowl lol.