Transition – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the eleventh “Brrrr” painting in my new Moleskine. I had hoped to fill it with snowy scenes but realise that I need another nineteen scenes to do so. The trouble is the weather seems to be changing as this effort is meant to show. We seem to be in a spell of changeable weather from extreme cold to a general thaw with the obvious effect on the snow. No matter as its a great opportunity to see the general shape of the trees before spring fills the branches with new growth. This post shows the edge of the village with most snow gone from the trees but lots still in the fields and in more sheltered spots. We might get “lucky” and get more snow but, if not, I suppose I can always refer to the hundreds of photographs taken over the past five weeks or head north where many communities are still cut off.