Gap in the hedge but the horses haven’t noticed – yet! – Acrylic in a Watercolour Moleskine

Another snow scene from some of my recent walks. This has been the pattern for the past few weeks. get out with the camera or video cam and record lots of this wonderful scenery while it lasts. Later on, when stuck indoors, I paint – in fact I have never painted so much in my life. Apart from the Moleskine entries, I’m attempting lots of “Full-Sized” canvases, mainly about 12″ x 16″ (300mm x 400mm). This practice and regular painting seems to be paying off (I think – you guys will be the final judge on that) as I seems to be more confident, compared with a year ago, and can produce stuff more quickly. I also seem to be able to correct mistakes more easily whereas, in the past, I might have abandoned things and started again. I wonder what I’ll paint when all this beautiful snow melts?