Narrow Boats on the Union Canal – Acrylic and Ink in a Watercolour Moleskine

This is the view of the boats stuck in ice near my house. The scene reminded me of Franklin’s expedition to find the North West Passage or Shackleton’s ill-fated, yet successful, venture to the southern waters. It was around -10C when I videoed this scene and the complete video, shaky hands and all, can be see at:

More and more people are staying on these narrow boats as an alternative way of life although I could see only one, of the dozen or so moored in this part of the world, occupied. It must be cold inside as most of these boats have metal hulls.

The latest news, as described in my previous post, regarding the Bonspiel is not good. The match has been cancelled on the grounds of “Health and Safety” despite the ice being thick enough. I wonder how my predecessors managed to survive?