Study of a Clementine Orange… In January of this year I commited to drawing as much as I can, given I have to work everyday, and I have kept at it. I was particularly excited when I started my blog and stumbled upon this site. I love seeing everyones posts and their art, what a great community. For this particular orange I drew it 8 times before it whithered up and my wife made me throw it away. What is amazing to me is each time I drew it I would discover a different way to mix the colors, layer color on color, hold back in certain areas to keep the undrecolor showing. What fun it was to me.. My son looked at a few of them and said…”It’s just and orange, they are all the same Dad. What is it your fruit book?” I looked at all 8 drawings and stated that he should take another look because each of them is drastically different from the other. I am tempted to post all eight and get your opinions.