Magnus vs the Killer Butterfly – Inktense in Watercolour Moleskine

This is from an episode during the sunnier weather earlier this year.

I had left the greenhouse door open for some ventilation and Magnus decided to take advantage. Mind you, he had endured a hard morning of sleeping, eating, stretching, rolling on the dusty path then sleeping again. He sneaked into the warm area and settled down to build up his energies. I was working in the garden, just on the other side of the glass and noticed a butterfly landing on the floor, just in front of our puss. One cat’s eye opened – I assumed the insect was doomed, then it closed again. Incredibly the butterfly edged closer and and Magnus began to watched this with some fascination. Suddenly, the brightly coloured creature slowly flapped its wings a few times. This was too much for our brave warrior. who took off like, well – a scared cat and didn’t stop until he was safely on his chair in the house. I now have to decide if our moggie is undergoing a mid-life crisis or if we have a strain of deadly Lepidoptera – good word that Rose :)